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MEC takes pride in offering technology that helps prevent damage to our Earth.

Over 30 years ago MEC began to design facilities to help protect our planet's water resources. To date, MEC has completed over 1,500 such facilities to treat sewage, runoff from garbage landfills and waste water from food processing plants and other factories.

MEC is prepared to offer solutions to the challenges faced by industries that take environmental issues seriously. MEC can determine properties of waste water and recommend levels of treatment that meet customer requirements. With state-of-the-art technology in the use of microbes, physiochemical processes and pre-treatment systems MEC solutions ensure that customers get the most advance systems

The Environmental Engineering Department stands ready to apply its many years of experience to design and construct plants for recycling water, sludge and other waste material. MEC's support systems help ensure that once a facility is constructed, it continues to operate properly. MEC also offers necessary chemicals, microbiological supplies, single pieces of equipment and consultation services to help customers ensure they are doing all they can do to help protect Earth's water resources.