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Feedback from production site ensures smooth-operation equipment.
Factory Automation system is based on concepts developed by production professionals.

There is a growing awareness in the manufacturing sector that, if you wish to overcome fierce competition, it is vital to introduce automation for the sake of lowcost operations by making greater use of “on-site intelligence”.

To meet this need, in 1988, we started to develop STAGIONE, a control system for beverage, foodstuff and other types of batch plants that incorporates user know-how, and after implementing a series of improvements, we now provide the current version, 6.0. The evolution shall never stop.

In April 2005, Morinaga Milk Industry transferred its sales operations to our company. As a result, we integrated production and sales, and we began providing support for application production and plant start-ups, in addition to our existing support for product development and training. This has enabled us to create an even closer relationship with our customers.

We currently have an extensive track record of introducing more than 300 systems. We hope that we can continue to contribute to both our customers and engineers by providing systems that enable users to achieve what they want to do and by providing applications that effectively utilize our accumulated know-how.